Pricing includes the follow up visit that we do

a month after your original procedure.


Brow Enhancement

(Hair Strokes or powder

Your friends will suffer from Brow Envy


Full Eye Liner 

(Upper & Lower Eyeliner)


Eye Liner 

(Upper OR Lower Eyeliner)


Brows &

Full Eye Liner 


Brows for Men



(when we have done the original procedure)


Eyebrows are so important in framing your face. But over time they can diminish or lighten in some areas. By following your orbital structure and existing hair line, we are able to work with the brow you have and bring them to a natural shape and color that fits your face. Using hair strokes, they can be as subtle or bold as you wished they would be. We want your friends to have brow envy, but not know you've done anything.

Eyeliner enhancement will help in bringing out the color of your eyes and give you the confidence to swim, work out, or simply wake up without having to apply eyeliner before going about your day. Whether you choose upper or lower liner or both, this can save time and money on eyeliner products.